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I do have bees available and will stand by my promises if you have already contacted me.
The season is getting on now and you may be thinking of starting into this wonderful hobby this year.
I have had the bees inspected by the bee inspector and can confirm all is well.
I have bees ready to go for spring 2021.
I am having some interest at the moment and running out of my last 2020 queens so please contact me for details as I hope to of taken delivery of some 2021 pure Buckfast Queens recently at a slightly higher cost.
The bees can be collected very early morning or early evening.
I am located in Ravenshead Nottinghamshire about seven miles away from the M1 junction 26/27.
Perfect for novice beekeepers beautiful Nucleus of bees for sale.
Very gentle on the comb and easy to handle.
Advice is freely given to buyers from an experienced Beekeeper.

My bees are on Standard National or 14/12 National at £20 extra.
I am always happy to get them into a hive of your choice and enjoy the challenge. I do not charge for this but it may take a little time.
If you are reading the advert I still have bees available.
Available 8 am until 9 pm.
In 2021 I will drastically reduce my numbers due to declining health so may also have some hives available so please speak with me before spending any cash.

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£ 200 no

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