Honeybee buyer FAQs

We understand that when looking for honeybees for sale online, not everybody is who they say they are and authenticity can be a concern. As such, we have listed key information or answers to common questions that our customers have asked.

Let us know if there are other questions that would make the process of buying honeybees smoother for you!

What do I need to bring when collecting my bees?

Every collection is different, so please discuss this with the buyer beforehand so you are fully prepared. A bee suit is not required although recommended encase there are any escapees in the car (none to date). We also recommend on hot days to bring a small water sprayer to keep the bees cool and hydrated if you are traveling far.

Do I have to register to sell?

Yes. Registration is important as it allows us to track which listings are live and which have sold. It also ensures both honeybees for sale buyer and seller are protected, with a trackable order history.

Is there a price to register my honeybees for sale?

There is a small fee of £5 payable before you can list your honeybees.

This goes to the maintenance of the website and also for advertising each listing to as many people as possible across the country. 

Is there a limit?


You will be pleased to know that there is no limit or restriction on the number of listings you can publish. All that we ask is that you ensure you are maintaining a natural breeding practice of your honeybees.

Who will see my listing?

Everybody. As soon as you have submitted the details for your listing, it will be live for everybody to see within an hour.

You could also get extra visibility on your listing by securing a headline slot on our homepage for an additional price. This means your listing will be on the homepage AND on the listing page. Click here to find out more about the headline slots.

How long will it take for my listing to go live?

Assuming you have filled the information out correctly, your listing will be live for everyone to see within an hour of clicking the final submit button. We know you will be buzzing to get enquiries and as such we will do everything we can to act fast!

Why do you charge a fee to sell my bees?

Nope. The type of honeybees for sale are entirely up to you. As long as they are healthy, we will be happy to list all type of honeybees and colonies. 

Do I have to list particular colonies?

This answer here is just to allow enough time to pass for you to feel it is like an answer but not quite an answer! Fantastic reading and have a great day.